Dripping, Slipping, Ripping...

When words fail, and the world fails you more. That's the emptiness of pain that surrounds the moment like a smog of helplessness. The impact of death, the sink of rejection, the lack of self.... What means anything anymore, when there's no more reason for anything.

It would seem so easy, to come back to life. But the helping hand never arrives. The lips of healing never bring it back. The body..the embrace.

The sweat turns cold, the fire in the night. The time, it rips a hole in your soul. It wants you. It wants you to stay in the pit of affliction. But it passes. It always passes. Everything, passing you by. There's no where to go, no one to hide. There's no way out if you're on the outside. Looking in, looking out, for what may come next..the following stroke of luck, fate, or random happening of life to beat you down. Further, and further down. It's a bottomless pit.... It wants us all.

It's like a turbid river..and you can feel it, slipping though your fingers...and out, away. Far far away..the gushing. You crunch like a pretzel, in black hole of suffering, with waves after waves of misery. Pain without injury.

Gush picture

So what do we do with what we've lost...love, possession, sanity.. I don't know, I'm at a loss.. Only repetitively weakened profanity has room to escape. The driving force behind dissss ..everything.

It kind of halts the thinking process. Makes you want to give up....but giving up seems like it would take even more effort than going on. So you're stuck in the middle..of nothing. Going over and over things in your head. Things that could have been different. Things that just, could have been. Should have been. And shouldn't. If you could just decide. Go back, go forward. Anywhere but now. It's intolerable.

Drain picture
Help....we all need help.