to Path

Nothing anymore can be taken lightly. The only way that things can be meant, felt, and deeply. Eyes clenched shut, or watery wide and open, the little things of the human experience can overtake the rest of life itself.. So take a gasping grasp of what you hold dear, and don't let go. Ever.

I thought I once knew what I wanted to do. I once thought I had what I needed. I once, long ago, thought I could attain...whatever it was.
Stumbling around in the darkness, we're all blinded by the firey hellish lights that encircles us like a fleet of hypersonic moths on a bad bad trip...

Sometimes here and there, I'm handed a breath of hope. But things over time tend to be dashed, and too many things, seem to mean too much. I've left too much alone, I've dared too long not to touch. Out of reach is the most common place for everything we really really want. Beyond the range of recognition is the land of aspirations.

The physical pain that I feel, is only upstaged by the oceans of lovely tingling happiness. Mysteriously out of control and completely unpredictable, they swell like a hurricane. Have you ever had one of those moments when your heart fills with love, and you have no one to share it... Take me with you... Some things aren't supposed to be gone through alone.

Like a really good peice of music, you feel it way down, deep down, in the core of your very being.