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Waiting, Mating, Berating...

Night is the time, when everything else happens. Good, bad, or ugly, it goes on either way. While the rest of the world lies in state, dead for hours, darkness covers you. Choices maybe, sometimes harder to make.

The dance of night in spinning stars is wonder with the moon. The flashing lights and killer cars is danger coming soon. Stuck waiting for the night to fall, is endless, endless..endless.
You can hole up in your cave, or go out on a rave. The peek behind the cloak is always far too much away. You don't know what you're waiting for, but you know you want to get it. There's not enough here going on to question why you said it. To saunter on or lose yourself...the dubiety remains.

The strangest things, seem to happen so much. But little of it usually matters. Things twist, things bend, things grow like a slow mold.... You say it happened over-night? Gee, what a surprise.
Death, war, conception..the meat of it occurs during darkness. But to what end? Explain to me the significance of someone puking their guts out on the edge of the sidewalk. I don't completely grasp the finer points of pulling out and using a weapon on an innocent person.. I'm simply lost, for a reason why someone would force themselves into where they're not wanted. But I guess that's just me, in the dark.
Safety in numbers must be the popular belief. People seem to be everywhere. It doesn't tend to make anything safer though. The rats all squabble on and on, scrabbling for that ever precious nut. The wasted masses, the glowing ember of the photon gun. The quest for power, and the death of hope. It's like a rolling rock on a rolling hill, headed for the bottomless crevasse of devastation.
But on a cheeryer note, cool things happen as well. You've just got to find your little cove of happiness. It may be anywhere. It may be no where. But the search is half the fun.
What's so special about the sky of stars over head, the after-midnight chill, the feel of air when it's all you can feel.... I don't know either. I'm just glad there's a day, AND a night...