Changing, falling, cooling..

You know it's coming to an end. It seems to linger..if you watch the sun through polareyes you can see the speed of time. But be careful, light can hurt you too.

All you know, all you remember, and all you forget...all the ssstupid things you've done.......nothing matters. Must sleep now. Eyelids heavy at the ever amber star, the cozy chill engulfs you. Drifting like an old wooden ship..the chaos around translates out to utter calm in your own mind. Of course it makes sense. What else would you be doing?

The other world is near. Time to play, time to love, time to die.

Falling off balance, the drunken crush. Mysteries silhouette against the flaming air. The falling wedge in the center of your chest..takes breath from here to there. The sound of dust and movement makes your nose so snuffle. Worn and blistered hides return from days of beaten path.
You've wandered forever, you're here once again. The people leave, the people stay. The people sit..and watch. The cameras pounce out from their zippered little dens. They click and they whir, but they never get it right. They always say "You shoulda been there..". And you should have. Are you there now? Is there anyone with you? Are you content, with life up to that point...
The peace within must be greater than the times without. The right place to think. The gentle breeze that holds, like a story teller catching her breath. That last flash of blue as the sun sinks beyond the seas. Moments you can't depend on.. That one golden kiss.... Beauty.

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